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Half Built Bridges

Do you have any half built bridges in your business? Most of us do. What are they? "Half built bridges" are those projects that you thought about starting...maybe did start...ran into trouble or got distracted...and never finished. Half built bridges are business killers. They are often what … [Read More...]

Why Create a Business Plan?

Questioning if it's worth it to take the time to create a Business Plan? Let's start with this ONE step. If you do nothing else towards creating a Business Plan...sit down with this one worksheet - Creating Your Vision. Yes, the holidays can be a crazy time personally but most of us find it to … [Read More...]

The 5 Stages of a Real Estate Career

Do you know the 5 Stages of a Real Estate Career? Do you know what stage you're in? How about how to proceed from one stage to the next? Check out this week's video to learn about the stages and what they mean to you. Then consider checking out the replay of last week's webinar on business … [Read More...]

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