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5 Reasons Overpriced Listings are Ruining Your Business

Several years ago, I was just about to start teaching a class on pricing houses strategically when an agent approached me. He was a nice looking young man (approximately 32 years old) and he looked determined. After exchanging pleasantries, he said, "I want you to know why I'm here. Last week I … [Read More...]

How to Shut Down Seller’s Tired Pricing Excuses

"Can't we just try it?" "We can always come down." "A buyer can always make an offer." "I had a higher appraisal." (p.s. 10 years ago!) "I need to get my equity out of it." I could keep going but you get the gist. These are the same old tired excuses sellers have had forever! Good … [Read More...]

Your Real Estate Instructor Lied to You

I'm feeling compelled to say right up front, "I love real estate instructors". As a matter of fact, I married one. BUT they lie. This lie that a real estate instructor told you is not malicious or intentional. It's not even a lie in the context of getting your license. It only becomes a lie in … [Read More...]

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