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Structure Your Negotiations for Success

In our continuing series on negotiating, I presented a live training webinar yesterday titled: Battle-Tested Steps for Negotiating in Today's Crazy Market. We had a great crowd of agents attend the live online training where I not only shared my battle-tested steps but was also able to answer their … [Read More...]

How to Make Tough Negotiations Easier

In our continuing series on negotiating, I wanted to address what I think is one of the most critical skills of a master negotiator. That skill is the ability to adjust to the specific Behavioral Style of your client. Once you know how to identify and manage that, you'll find that negotiations are … [Read More...]

Got Principles?

In our continuing series on negotiating, I wanted to take a step back this week and really cover the basics. Did you know that there are 10 fundamental Principles of Negotiating? I didn't either until I set out to master this important (but often overlooked) real estate skill. Today I want to … [Read More...]

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