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Online Estimators

It’s the ultimate love-hate relationship. Almost every time I’m talking to agents about pricing, the “Z” word comes up and as if this was orchestrated… eyes roll. BUT…there’s that lone wolf in the crowd who says something like, “I’ve made a lot of money from them.”  Interestingly, that does … [Read More...]

Change the Way You Think About Pricing

You’ve probably heard me say this before…we, real estate agents, simply were not taught how to discover an asking price correctly. Frequently, an agent will approach me about a troubled listing by saying, "Jo, I have a house that is not getting showings.  What do you think?" I respond by … [Read More...]

I hate it when the seller asks…

"Can we talk about price first?" I don't know about you but I HATE it when that happens. Now some agents feel it's fine to talk about price first. They defend it by saying..."that's all the seller cares about so why not?" AND in full disclosure I do believe that under one circumstance it is fine … [Read More...]

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