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GSD Week 1: Love Your Product

So....have you started to GSD with us yet? We kicked off our 9-week summer series: The Strategic Agent Goes All GSD on Monday in our private (but FREE) Facebook Group. If you're not sure what we mean by going GSD, watch the introductory video below: In Monday's lesson, we covered the … [Read More...]

The Strategic Agent Goes GSD

Ready to G.S.D. this summer? Watch the video to get started! Remember, this 9-week series is happening ONLY in The Strategic Agent Facebook Group so if you're not already a member, click here to join so you don't miss out! Watch the Group on Thursday to see the full schedule of topics that … [Read More...]

6 Actionable Steps to Get Your MOJO Back After Vacation

Ever say (or at least think...) it's really not even worth going on vacation when you're a real estate agent!?!? All the work you have to do before you go and then all the work you come back to....nope, not even worth it! But wait, it is!! Studies repeatedly show that we all need time off and … [Read More...]

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