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Want to REALLY Enjoy Your Vacation This Time?

Ever struggle with going on vacation? Even wonder if it's worth it since the last time you ended up working the whole time and not enjoying your trip? It doesn't have to be that way! Watch today's video message and grab the Strategic Agent Vacation Checklist to prepare for time off that you'll … [Read More...]

Master Negotiating Once & For All

Welcome to the Strategy Lab: Negotiating Strategically: New Techniques for winning in today's market! This is a compilation of the LIVE training series that we've been providing to our members on The Strategic Agent Facebook Group. Here, you can easily review all of the video lessons as well as … [Read More...]

Power in Negotiating

Have you considered how the changing market affects your reactions and actions in negotiating? Check out my video below about finding your power in negotiating then don't miss the two more resources available for you below the video. Grab your copy of the "Strategic Agent Buyer Checklist" … [Read More...]

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