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Solve the Buyer Problem

I love a good Facebook Group, I'm a member of several that focus on everything from health/fitness to books to low-carb recipes to, of course, real estate. I love the exchange of ideas and the sharing of questions and answers within the group. Recently I saw a question posted or you might better … [Read More...]

Show Fewer Houses & Save Your Sanity

We ran a poll recently on The Strategic Agent Facebook Group (if you're not yet a member, you're missing out so click here to join!) asking: "What's the biggest frustration you have in working with Buyers?" The responses were interesting but also very similar: 33% answered "Being all over the … [Read More...]

The Mental Game of Action

Ever start the day (week, month...) with a perfect plan of action and/or To Do List and the confidence that you're organized so you'll certainly get it all done?!?! Yeah, we've all been there and then ended the day (week or month) and it's all just been a blur where we really checked off very few … [Read More...]